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Sunday, July 29, 2007

In The…

In the darkness of self doubt,
I accuse.

In the darkness of obsession,
I accuse.

In the darkness of insecurity,
I accuse.

Lost in the darkness consuming my soul,
I accuse.

Lost in the Light you emanate,
I awaken.

Lost in the Light that is you,
I awaken.

Lost in the Light of Love,
I awaken!

©2007 Broomhilda

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Tender Heart

Pandemonium of emotions
Whirl in the maelstrom,
The heart torn,
Deprived of love it withers.
In consummate loneliness,
The contempt of abject
Despair breeds a darkness of soul.
Tears fall, cleansing in their purity,
Gentle absolution at their core.
Mourning the loss of innocence,
The bastions being erected,
In bravado hiding,
The tender heart.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sailing the Solar Wind

Sails unfurled, riding, riding, riding the solar winds
Drifting past nebulae, a silent witness to the birthing of stars.
Stardust raining down covering me in golden overlays of possibilities.
Sailing, sailing, ever sailing on.
Planets call for exploration, eternity beckons.
Sail on, sail on, beyond this galaxy
Toward the next and into the unknown
Treasures that lie beyond
Sailing the solar winds ever gliding me forward...

(this was inspired by Sray and his posts on the Hubble telescope and Nasa Solar Sail)

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Wisdom Whispers

Wisdom whispers in our ears,
We ignore it.
Belittling what we don't understand,
Hating those who are different.
Striking out at imagined threats,
In ignorance and fear.

Wisdom whispers in our ears,
Still we ignore the message.
Educating ourselves,
The only way.
Bring tolerance and love into our lives,
Celebrate our differences.
See the ways we are the same,
We are more alike than not.

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In Transition

I've moved beyond the maiden form
From whence I was immortal
Soon leaving the mother form behind
Where still I had forever
In transition myself I find
A life to be examined
Reconciling with the past
Confronting the darkness within
Glimpses of just who I am
And who I wish to be
Grandmother Sage I call to you
Your wisdom I do seek
Help me see what I push away
Find the lessons learned
Move past the fear and anger and pain
Accepting myself for me

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Your Silence

Your silence is deafening.
Have I lost my friend?

The icy vacuum of unknowing
Cuts me to the quick

Reaching out for understanding
Hit by the invisible wall

What offense have I committed?
Cup of explanation not passed

My heart in tear stained pieces
Haunted by friendships specter

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Sleep Evades

Sleep evades, the mind whirls
Loneliness rears it's ugly head

Insecurities rise to the surface
Playing games with emotions

Stresses from the week replay
Is a friendship lost?

Feeling cemented into place
Yearning to move forward

Breaking free chains of the past
One link at a time

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

In Dreams Tender Embrace

In dreams tender embrace
You were there
A whispered kiss of passion
You were there
Soft caresses in the dark
You were there
Waves of pleasure enveloping
You were there
Intimacy and ecstasy erupt
You were there
Whispered kisses and caresses
You were there
Sleeping in dreams tender embrace
I awake alone

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Friday, February 25, 2005


Frozen in fear
A vast wasteland of emptiness
I feel so alone
Filled with self doubt
The flame extinguished
Will I ever feel warmth again?

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Waterfalls of Time

The sun feels good upon my face,
I am transported to some other space.
Places I go to, within my own mind,
Stands still the waterfalls of time.

posted by broomhilda at|6:47 PM|


Voices in the Wind

Voices, they called my name again,
can't remember just when it began.
Conversation was spoken so low,
I thought at first, it was winds that blow.
It started when I was alone,
voices had invaded my home.
I try to listen with care,
voices of people, who aren't even there.
I often wonder if they see,
what their voices are doing to me.
Voices on the wind, where it began,
wind wasn't blowing, I heard them again.
I have to wonder, is this just a game?

Could it be, I'm just going insane.
whispering my name again,
voices that came on the wind.

posted by broomhilda at|6:46 PM|



Streams that rush on winter's day,
bring me thought's of hearth and home.
And though I wander where I may,
to that stream my heart doth roam.

posted by broomhilda at|6:45 PM|



Love lasts forever, at least on my side,
but you'll never see it, it's emotions I hide.
I'm afraid to feel, to love again,
I know that in love, I'll be hurt in the end.
It all starts the same, time after time,
Quietly it ends, like the song of a mime.
My emotions are crying, hidden deep down inside,
while inside I'm dying, my two worlds collide.

posted by broomhilda at|6:44 PM|



There is always hope, when people care,
first the tortured soul must be bared.
Mind, body and soul begin to heal,
when the love from peoples heart's is real.
It's not easy, the past to let go,
the human mind plays it's own picture show.
Ghosts appear from out of the past,
hope helps you to know that they won't last.
What do they do, these people I see?
They do what they can to help me find me.

posted by broomhilda at|6:41 PM|


Child Sounds

Children in the park, they play
listen to sounds that seem to say,
come let's sing and laugh and run,
come with us and have some fun.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Welcome to the Sisterhood

Not quite yet, a woman, yet not a little girl.
I know you are embarrassed,
by hormones in a whirl.
Nothing to be ashamed about, it's as natural as can be.
It's just your time for growing up,
acceptance is the key.
We are here to guide you, your sisters one and all.
So Welcome to the Sisterhood,
we won't let you fall.

posted by broomhilda at|1:32 PM|


The Weaver

Where shadows cloak the bastions of love,
The wise one weaves her glowing sphere,
awaiting the archer.

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The Song of Other Worlds

Dancing in the circle at sunset,
the sky in crimson hue.
The song it comes upon me,
glistening like the dew.
I cannot hear the music,
nor can I hear the words.
I feel it in the depths of my soul,
the song of other worlds.
Worlds of flight and fancy free,
those worlds of imagination,
Worlds belonging to the trees,
and worlds of constellations.
Worlds that live within our minds,
our hearts, our souls, our being.
And worlds of crossing over
where my ancestors are singing.

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Night descends, the Dark Mother comes,
A gust of wind, I hear Her hounds,
Goddess of Crossroads, Queen of Witches
Come to me with your whelping bitches,
Dark Goddess, sender of nocturnal visions,
Sending dreams to assist with decisions,
Goddess of Death and Renewal, Lifter of the Veil,
Guiding Souls along the Summerland Trail,
Triple Goddess, Most Lovely One,
We've gathered tonight, the Sabbat's begun,
I honor You, and those departed,
Let me speak with loved ones, from whom I am parted,
Grant me Wisdom, Your favor and Protection,
Let me bask in Your Holy Perfection.

posted by broomhilda at|1:29 PM|



Memories stolen, awareness remains,
Gone, my childhood, soon my name.
My heart is bleeding as you slip away,
Into the darkness your thoughts fade.
So much of you has already gone,
Yet your body, lingers on.
I miss the talks we used to have,
The walks along the beach.
Tears of anger and frustration,
Of love and longing for your return.
This thief that has stolen you from me,
I have lost the best of you.

posted by broomhilda at|1:28 PM|


The Goddess Calls

The moon is full,
The night is warm,
To the rhythm of life
I dance with abandon.
She fills my heart
With Her silvery light,
And warms my soul with love.
I've come this night
to honor Her,
In all Her many forms.
It is She,
Who calls me forth,
Revealing magicks, yet unknown

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The Divine Within

I am the air you breath,
the breeze that kisses your face.
I am the fire that warms your heart,
the ember that burns in your soul.
I am the water that gives you life,
the rain that quenches your thirst.
I am the earth that gives of it's bounty,
the land ever changing.
I am the spirit of love and light,
a part of the All.

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The Creeper

Silently, creeping into my room at night,
heard him coming, lay frozen in fright.
Soon his touch would make me sad,
it should never come, from one who is dad.
Innocence stolen in darkness of night,
too young to know, I could fight.
Time went by, a soul was twisted,
too young to know, could have resisted.
Growing older, started running away,
learned it was wrong, just couldn't stay.
For thirteen years abuse I took,
childhood stolen, worse than a crook.
Memories locked deep in my mind,
flooded out, it was a matter of time.
I understand, life's been a mess,
my lifestyle, has caused such distress.
A hate inside I'm learning to feel,
through therapy, I'm starting to heal.
I know what is right and is wrong,
scars on my soul, still sing their song.
sadness sings of what was taken from me,
and wondering, why, no one would see.
No child should live what I've had to face,
what is taken from us, can not be replaced.

posted by broomhilda at|1:22 PM|


Storms at Night

Storms at night are a wonder to see,
just shut off the lights and at one you'll be,
with thunder and lightning across the sky,
just look at them with a child's eye.
Open your ears and hear the way,
the wondrous music of thunder plays,
as lightning dances across the sky,
you'll see anew and wonder why,
your old eyes hadn't seen,
the violent beauty, that storms do bring.

posted by broomhilda at|1:21 PM|



Emotions flooding through the wall I've created.
I built it strong, It's not even gated.
The shadows of shame, anger and hurt,
making me feel like a slug in the dirt.
The memories are there, some have leaked out.
I want to run, to scream, to shout.
There are cracks in the wall I thought so strong.
Shadows of guilt, telling me I am wrong.
It's coming apart, this weakened wall.
I know that soon, the damn thing will fall.
When it falls, will I still exist?

posted by broomhilda at|1:20 PM|


Serenity Calls

Trees in pristine glow
White flakes covering darkness
The world seeming cleansed
Serenity of the woodlands calls
I make my way cross frozen streams
To the safety of the Fey.

posted by broomhilda at|1:19 PM|


Reminders of the Heart

Women wise and wonderful
Queens, us everyone
Objects shared in sacred space
Reminder of our hearts
A mottled image of good luck
From a friend so dear
A book of memories and dreams
A mother's gift to us
Pictures of children smiling bring
The promise of immortality
Memories of a full life lived
With tears of love created
Four legged key to a heart
Opening what was closed
How precious these memories are
How beautiful our souls

posted by broomhilda at|1:17 PM|



Accusations consistently spoken
Suffocated by your insecurity
I allowed you too much power

Incessant passive aggression
The ruination of my self esteem
I allowed you too much power

Constant attention demands
Exhausting my body and mind
I allowed you too much power

You are chaos
Causing me to lose myself
I allowed you too much power

From my coma awakened
Erecting bastions of reality
I take back my power

No longer fear choked black and hollow
My resolve strengthened
I take back my power

Beautiful and alive
Sensual and vibrant
I take back my power

Compassionate and intelligent
Sensitive and strong
I take back myself!

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Life Storms

Storms of life, never easy to see,
in these storms, I lost my true me.
We play in life, cards we are dealt,
but on a soul, some cards leave a welt.
Time and space have no meaning or rhyme,
when losing a hopeful part of your mind.
I've entered a haven, yet truth I can't see,
come here in search of one who is me.
I cannot live as once before,
running from pain, welling up ever more.
Body worn out, mind and soul as well,
Can no longer live in my personal hell.
Anger, resentment and hurt built up,
doors to happiness, being locked shut.
Voices that come late into the night,
as panic attacks in attempted flight.
Frozen in fear, for eons it lasts,
need to confront the ghosts of the past.

posted by broomhilda at|1:12 PM|


Life's Lessons Learned

I sit here in silence,
In meditative contemplation.
What has brought me to this place,
This stage of life's lessons learned?
Was it love's fulfilling warmth,
Or friends held so dear?
Was it the good times had,
Or partying til dawn?
No! It was the crap!

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Innocence Lost

I remember back to the age of five
his sneaking into my room at night
love me
touching, caressing, placing hands on me
stealing the innocence from my soul
help me
I grew older, it didn't stop
outrageous behavior no one would see
leave me
twisting of mind, body and soul
shadows of anger, shame and hate
killing me
running away, from one to another
drugs, alcohol, sex, out of control
rescue me
feeling like nothing, like slime, like a whore
why did you do this?
you were supposed to protect me

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In the Quiet Time

In the quiet time I walk,
Stillness envelopes me like a blanket.
Moon glow softly caresses my skin,
Star shine encircles my head like a crown.
Sacred circle of Oaks beckon me forth,
I dance among them like a child come home.

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In the Name of Love

Twin spires crumbled to the ground,
clouds of disbelief billow
Cowards, under the guise of martyrdom,
killing in the name of love

Shock turns to fear, fear into anger,
more innocence will suffer
Heroes look like ordinary people,
dying in the name of love

Families ripped apart, lives torn asunder,
hatred flooding the world
Nothing "Holy" about a war,
fought in the name of love

Revenge and fear breed contempt,
some have agendas to be met
Angels crying at these acts,
done in the name of love.

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In Loves Tender Embrace

Ah the feel of his breath on my neck,
The scent of him.
The beating of his heart next to mine.
His skin soft and warm,
His arms strong and gentle.
In loves tender embrace
I sleep.

posted by broomhilda at|1:03 PM|



Farewell sweet soul,
Your flame burned too briefly
And you were luminous!
Farewell sweet soul,
Our hearts lifted by your smile
Our lives brightened by your presence.
Farewell sweet soul,
You've left the bonds of this mortal shell
And gone home to peace.
Farewell sweet soul,
Know that you carry our love with you
And you forever reside in our hearts!
Farewell sweet soul,
Know that you are loved and missed!

posted by broomhilda at|1:01 PM|


Dear Mom

I remember our songs, what your hugs felt like.
I remember your love, tucking me in at night.
I remember your smell, smile and laughter too.
But mostly, I remember you.
I remember that day, the panic I felt.
I remember the pain, on my heart there's a welt.
I remember the day you were put into the ground.
I remember I screamed, but out came no sound.
I remember I felt abandoned, alone.
I remember thinking; I can never come home.
I remember you loved me, unconditionally too.
But mostly, I remember you.

posted by broomhilda at|1:00 PM|



In the darkness of the void,
A single point of light.
In emptiness alone,
Filled with love.
The One
In longing split,
Two halves of a whole.
Their dance a vortex created,
Conception in consummated love
The Two
In pain and joy birth waters erupt,
Swirling energies beget life
Suns, Moons, Earth and Sky,
Galaxies born this night
The Many
In ecstasy of creation they dance,
Their children populate
Stories and songs will praise
as we become,
The All.

posted by broomhilda at|12:56 PM|


Beneath the Harvest Moon

Goblins dance upon the lawn
Chanting and fighting by bonfires light,
Werewolves howl until morn
Beasties and ghosties invade the night,
The time for witches is coming soon
to sing and chant and celebrate,
They gather 'neath the harvest moon
between the worlds they guard the gate

posted by broomhilda at|12:54 PM|


Autmn's Flame

Riding wind, dancing breeze
Summer's end, turning leaves
Amber hues, Golden grass
Autumn muse, beauty surpass
Flickering flame, bonfire roar
Energy raised, spirits soar
Broomsticks swept, darkness meet
Cauldron bubbles, circles complete

posted by broomhilda at|12:53 PM|


Coletta's Garden

Sunflowers bowing,
As monks on their way to prayer
Tomatoes hanging on the vine,
Like monkeys in a tree
Bean stalks reaching to the sky,
Looking for the giant
Raspberries blush in mornings light,
Like a girl's first kiss
Peppers gliding along the ground,
As if swimming in the dirt
Little cabbages in a row,
Dancing in a chorus line
Little parcel of land,
Lush with life
Wandering and dreaming
In Auntie Coletta's garden.

posted by broomhilda at|12:51 PM|


The Path

An overgrown pathway in a wooded glen,
I follow it.
Through brambles and thorns a clearing appears,
I enter it.
A weather worn stone standing in the wind,
I go to it.
A plot overgrown with weeds and decay,
I sit near it.
Why a sentinel in this forgotten place,
I ask of it.
The sun beating down I close my eyes,
I dream of it.
Of life and love of death and rebirth,
I learn of it.
All are connected through the light of life,
I finally get it.
I found this path I was meant to take,
I'll walk upon it.
I will learn the lessons it has to teach,
I'll treasure it.
When I come to the end and journey home,
I will remember it.

posted by broomhilda at|11:32 AM|


The Gathering

Within these castle walls I see
A gathering of souls
Lost in memories of lives they led
And ancient battles fought.
Unable to escape the past
They roam the castle yard
The glory of their youth it seems
Is what is being sought.
Witches gather in the court
The circle has been cast
Aid to those who've lost their way
Consumes their every thought.
Ancestors honored on this night
Guide them to their rest
Beyond the shadowy veil they go
Where loneliness is naught.

posted by broomhilda at|11:30 AM|


As I lay Sleeping

Dragons stalk behind the ivy veil
Emerging from the crimson well,
Unicorns prance upon an ocean of grass,
The fey dance, specters in the wood,
Trees swaying silver leaves,
Undines play, surfing waves of blue,
Visions come unbidden, as I lay sleeping.

posted by broomhilda at|11:28 AM|


A Simple Kiss

My lips part slightly
And with whisper softness
A feather brushes them
Exquisite torture
My body
Tense with anticipation
I tremble
you press your lips to mine
Tidal waves of pleasure carry me away
All from a simple kiss

posted by broomhilda at|11:27 AM|


A flower in Winter

Withered like a flower in winter,
that part of me being splintered.
Beauty in life I no longer find,
buried in shattered parts of my mind.
Now life, has grown cold,
in what is left of my soul.
Where laughter and love should have been,
lives a pain I cannot mend.
Trust of a child was destroyed,
dreams of a girl, null and void.
From abuse, comes only pain,
stamped on a heart, again and again.
A spirit to be encouraged to grow,
beaten apart till it fell too low.
Body and mind totally trashed,
leaving trust completely smashed.
Hopes shattered 'til they were waste,
leaving a soul, with pieces misplaced.
Anger, resentment, pain and fear,
twisted a life that once was so dear.

posted by broomhilda at|11:26 AM|

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